9 Things You REALLY Need for a New Baby

After being down this road of few times I’ve finally narrowed down exactly what you absolutely need for a new baby. Surprisingly, it’s not much! For my last little one I bought very little for the immediate period of bringing the baby home, contrary to what most baby retailers will lead you to believe that you need TONS of stuff. So, save your dough mommies, … Continue reading 9 Things You REALLY Need for a New Baby

Saying No

Feeling a little overwhelmed by life lately? It may be time to reevaluate your priorities and practice saying “No” to things that just aren’t important to you and are just taking up all of your time. Don’t feel guilty and don’t apologize. Write down what’s most important to you and don’t forget to include yourself on that list. Look at all the unnecessary commitments you’ve … Continue reading Saying No

Simple Bathroom Cleaning Tip

Everyone hates cleaning bathrooms. One way to make it easier is to clean your bathroom is to always have your cleaning tools nearby. In every bathroom have a ready-made and well-stocked “Quick Clean Kit”. This can be a bucket or container you can keep stowed away under the sink that is always ready to grab and use whenever you need to clean up. In your … Continue reading Simple Bathroom Cleaning Tip

Don’t Give Up On Your Workout

Don’t give up on your workout just yet. It’s always easy to start new year’s resolutions and give up after a few days or weeks. Why not try to keep up an actual change in lifestyle permanently. Instead of fad and quick weight loss diets why not make a change or two to your diet and exercise routine that is manageable long term. Something you … Continue reading Don’t Give Up On Your Workout