How Many Toys Do Kids Need?

So, how many toys do kids need anyway? Apparently not much, according to many simple-living gurus. I happen to agree. In my efforts to down-size the clutter and chaos in my own home I’ve realized we have too many toys.

Too many means too many overlooked by the kids.

Just a few toys that they daily play with is enough.

There are many benefits for kids when you clear all the excess toys:

Increased concentration on one thing at a time, greater appreciation of their toys/belongings, better care of their toys.

I find with my own kids they seem more satisfied and less wanting of more when they have less.

You don’t have to throw away all the toys. You can put some away in a box or storage bin and rotate them later with the toys that are currently out.

I also find it helps to let the kids decide which toys they are willing to give up so that they can be donated.

And yes, It makes the house a more peaceful place with LESS cleanup!! A definite bonus for both them and me!


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