Simple Bathroom Cleaning Tip

Everyone hates cleaning bathrooms. One way to make it easier is to clean your bathroom is to always have your cleaning tools nearby.

In every bathroom have a ready-made and well-stocked “Quick Clean Kit”. This can be a bucket or container you can keep stowed away under the sink that is always ready to grab and use whenever you need to clean up.

In your “Quick Clean Kit” you’ll keep:

  1. A pair of rubber cleaning gloves
  2. Microfiber cloth
  3. Disinfecting wipes
  4. Window/mirror cleaner or wipes
  5. An all-purpose cleaner
  6. Paper towels
  7. Disposable or toilet cleaner with brush

Now you are ready to clean whenever you can. Try tackling a little everyday if taking the whole bathroom on at once is too much.

When you take a shower, spray it down and wipe up before you come out.

Another day you can tackle the toilets.

Another day wipe down the sink, countertop, and mirrors.

A little a day gets the job done.



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