9 Things You REALLY Need for a New Baby

After being down this road of few times I’ve finally narrowed down exactly what you absolutely need for a new baby.

Surprisingly, it’s not much!

For my last little one I bought very little for the immediate period of bringing the baby home, contrary to what most baby retailers will lead you to believe that you need TONS of stuff.

So, save your dough mommies, here’s the real deal list:

1) Baby home outfit and a few onesies– Depending on where you live (climate-wise) you need an outfit to bring baby home in and stuff for baby to wear at home. If it’s warm, several onesies will do. If it’s cold some long-sleeve one piece pjs.

2) Pampers– Disposables or cloth, whatever your pick. Forget size New born unless you have a tiny baby (premie or under 6 lbs.) Have size 1 available. Those babies grow fast!

3) Wipes– You can purchase these or not. Some people make their own for example: Making Your Own Baby Wipes

4) Formula– Now I’m a nursing mama but I still have some formula (received from hospital on way home) just in case of emergencies. There’s regular and organic.

5) Bottles– You need a few of these for formula or expressed breast milk. A pack of 3-4 oz. bottles is sufficient.

6) Bed for Baby– You need a safe place for baby to sleep. A bassinet, crib, Moses basket, co-sleeper, etc.

7) Pacifier– Some babies need these and some don’t, but you’ll be so happy you have if your baby does.

8) Baby blankets– Great for swaddling.

9) Baby car seat- Unless you are walking home from the hospital you can’t leave the premises without one. It also doubles as a safe place to put baby down in the house (saves you from having to buy a bouncer).

That’s the main list. My only other exception is a breast pump. Great if you are nursing. It can be purchased or rented. You may not need one right away unless you where actively using one in the hospital.

If you know of something absolutely necessary that I forgot, let me know : )


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