Animal-friendly mousetrap

Animal-friendly mousetrap

The humane mouse trap is the solution to your mouse problem. You don’t kill the animal, you catch it to release at a later date. The mouse traps come in various sizes and qualities and are easy to set up. The animal-friendly mouse traps are reusable and can hold from 1 to 15 mice. Remember, if you leave the mousetrap with the mice for a long time, they will starve to death. As soon as you notice that the mice are trapped, you can release them outside. PLEASE NOTE!!! Do not release the mice until a good distance from your home (a few miles), otherwise they may return.

How do the mouse-friendly mouse traps work? 

Place a lure in the trap. You can use Provoke or Nara lure for mice, but also peanut butter, chocolate, cake or biscuit. You can test for yourself what works best. 

Place the chosen trap along a wall on the route that mice walk. Mice instinctively walk close to walls.Check daily for mice in the trap and release them as far from your home as possible.

There are several reasons why people choose to purchase an animal-friendly mousetrap.

1: Boxes with poison are dangerous for children and pets, for example for the dog, cat or parakeet flying free. 

2: A mouse trap is harmful to children’s hands and wet dog noses. 

3: You have a business in which the placement of poison is not desirable.

4: You are an animal lover and don’t want to kill the mouse.

5: You are Vegan.

6: You are against mouse poison

The Mouse Cages

The mouse cages are, just like the human mouse trap, a mouse-friendly product that catches the mouse, not kills it. The mouse cage is made of galvanized high-quality metal. There is a mouse cage with 1 entrance and a mouse cage with 2 entrance. Very easy to operate!

Metal mouse box

If you’ve decided to get rid of your mouse infestation in a mouse-friendly way, this metal humane mouse trap is exactly what you need. The mouse can enter it via 2 inputs and presses a seesaw panel down due to the weight, after which the mouse enters the trap. The panel goes up again so that the mouse cannot be removed. 

This metal mouse trap is made of high-quality corrosion-resistant galvanized steel. The trap is designed to catch up to 10 mice.

Plastic mice box

The plastic mouse box is made of durable hardened plastic. There is room for up to 4 mice. Very easy to operate.