Washing Machine tips for the first 100 days

Your new washing machine has been given a nice place, the water is connected: you are ready! Maybe you prefer to turn it right now, but before you start washing it is good to review these do’s and don’ts around washing.

Bosch gives you useful washing and maintenance tips for the first 100 days of your new washing machine.

The right temperature

With the following temperatures, your clothes will be super clean, with as little energy consumption as possible. Wash white, heavily soiled clothes, clothes with grease stains, as well as diapers and towels at 60 ° C or higher. Washing at 40 ° C prevents the fading and shrinking of light-colored clothes. To prevent dark and bright colors from fading, wash at 30 ° C. But be careful! Always take the label of your clothing into account.

Not too full

Do not overload your washing machine. Follow the instructions in the manual.

Nice and soft

Use fabric softener if you want your clothes to come out of the washing machine nice and soft.

Dark and light don’t mix

Be careful when washing colored clothing such as red socks in combination with lighter clothing such as white T-shirts. Unless of course, pink is your favorite color. To prevent discoloration, wash white and black clothes, and light colors and dark colors separately.

Do not give unpleasant odors a chance

The remaining moisture in the washing machine can cause unpleasant smells. Therefore always leave the door of the washing machine and the dosing plate open after use.


Different types of clothes require different detergents. Powerful detergent with bleach is used to keep white clothes pearly white. For deep black clothes, use a fine detergent for black colors. If you want to wash colored clothing, you naturally use a color detergent, and for delicate items such as wool and silk.


for the first time Before you put the first laundry in the machine, turn a wash with an empty drum at 60 ° C. After this, your washing machine is clean and ready for use.

For healthy laundry

If you clean the dispenser twice a month, no unsanitary residues will remain on your laundry.

Your washing machine doesn’t like vinegar

Be careful when using vinegar in your washing machine. Vinegar can damage the plastic parts of your washing machine, reducing its lifespan.


In general, standard detergent contains enough descaling agents for your washing machine. Check the hardness of your water and simply adjust the dosage accordingly.

Clean and hygienic

If you want your washing machine to be clean too, don’t forget to clean the fluff filter and door seal monthly. A boiling wash at 95 ° C also gives the machine a good rinse.