Easy Ways To Decontaminate Your House From Noise, Humidity, Lights And Bad Smells

Would you like your house to be soundproofed, protected, well lit, and also to smell of glory? Congratulations because getting it is possible! Put these tips into action and you will achieve it in a plus pie?

  • Insulate your house on the outside and inside.
  • How to choose your windows?
  • Humidity at home, visible or not.
  • And what about the light!
  • How bad it smells! Remedy.

Stop for a moment at home and listen to your ears, what do you hear? It is curious because now the only thing heard is the sepulchral silence in the street, the chirping of birds in the middle of the city, the children playing on the other side of the wall, the radio or the music of the neighbor… Pleasant sounds that, by the At the moment, they have replaced the insidious noises of huge traffic, horns, and sirens of cars, the noise of the office, the postman who calls all the telephones at the same time, the frantic evolution of the stairs, if you work at home… But all this will happen and we will hear “the scandalous, nosy and inveterate noise” that Joaquín Sabina sang and that we miss so little, do we?

Get ready for it and start thinking about practicing some tricks at home to soundproof it. And point others for when you can call a professional and make those small reforms in your home that you like so much.


If your building has to pass the ITE (Technical Building Inspection) soon, you can propose to the Neighborhood Community to place an exterior insulation system on the facade (SATE) which, in addition to thermally and acoustically conditioning the homes, provides many other advantages such as its economic revaluation, a healthy interior atmosphere, acoustic comfort, energy and cost savings and respect for the environment. Ask about Webertherm systems, from Saint Gobain Weber.

If there is not enough quorum in the community but you do want to isolate your home, you can do it with a particular character. “Some owners do not believe that your floor can be energy efficient without the full rehabilitation of the estate declares Miguel Ángel Gallardo, Business Unit Director of Rockwool Peninsular, the firm based insulation wool rock. This is false as it is You can rehabilitate a single apartment with insulation on the inside, providing the building with thermal and acoustic features that guarantee total comfort for your stay. ” And in addition to improving the lives of citizens, the use of this insulation represents significant savings for the household economy.

According to IDAE (Institute for the Diversification of Energy Saving) data, we spend around 2,000 euros a year per home on electricity. “With the use of sustainable and ecological materials such as rock wool, the invoice would be reduced to 300 euros per year. Therefore, it is wrong to think that this system is expensive, the initial investment is minimal and, in the long term, the savings are significant —Affima Gallardo, who ensures that energy efficiency is already a necessity of the welfare society.

Indoors, wood and cork are also two good insulators that will help you protect and soundproof walls and floors with coatings made of these materials.



You already know that the window profiles can be made of wood, PVC, or aluminum. The one made of PVC is insulating by nature, like the windows with Passivhaus Synego and Geno certification, from the Rehau firm but they have against them that they are not sustainable. The aluminum ones, like the ones in the image, are resistant, durable, fireproof, versatile, safe, recyclable and sustainable, according to what the AEA (Spanish Association of Aluminum and Surface Treatments) tells us through the web www.lamejorventana.es, but they need to have a thermal bridge break to be able to insulate almost the same as the PVC ones. Whichever you choose, complete your window with double glazing to better protect your house from cold and heat and save on your gas bill.


” Insulation and ventilation are key elements to minimize moisture problems that can affect floors, walls, ceilings, and appliances” – assure us from Home Serve, the company of breakdowns and home repairs. If the humidity is due to condensation, make sure that the windows close hermetically for proper insulation, and if you are one of those who like to shower with very hot water, ventilate the bathroom thoroughly afterward, to eliminate all the steam.

It is possible that this humidity has been produced by some water filtration, in this case, watch out for possible puddles of water under radiators, taps, pipes … Sometimes a worn washer or stopcock is the cause of the problem. Replacing it with a new one will be the solution. On the HomeServe website, www.homeserve.es, you will find videos and easy repair tutorials.

Remember that at this time, professionals will only go to your house if the breakdown is really serious. For example, if you have leaked your downstairs neighbor but cannot detect where the problem is. Call insurance to fix it. And if you want to know how to detect a possible water leak, do this trick: turn off the water and look at the meter. If it continues to work and the number continues to rise, there is a leak in sight! In this case, call the professional to fix it before the problem gets worse.



Reality has forced us to adapt our routines to interior spaces, so good lighting can help make our activity more efficient and maintain a better mood. But do you know what is the best light for each of the activities at home? “The amount of light, the regulation of the color temperature, that is, that you can choose between warmer or colder lighting, and the design that best fits the rest of the decoration are key factors for a good choice and avoid what we call “light pollution”, according to Jordi Manrique of the Signify lighting company (www.signify.com), following the following recommendations:

– Start the day with powerful and cold lighting (4000ºK) to wake up with energy while you shower, make up or shave in the bathroom. Then, in the afternoon-night, it should be warmer and should not exceed 2,700ºK.

– In the living room, try to make the lighting adjustable in intensity, temperature, and incorporate a touch of colored light. Distribute different points of light throughout the space since this room is one of the most versatile and right now we use it for different activities. For example, to listen to music in the living room or watch TV using indirect light, with floor or table lamps and warm tones (2700ºK) that encourage a more relaxing atmosphere. But if you are going to telework use a whiter and cooler light (4000ªK) to help you focus and perform between 10-15% more. And for sports or play, use a general ceiling light (ceiling lights or suspended lamps) that emit a cold white light (4000ºK).

-In the kitchen, illuminate the counter with a bright, uniform, white, and cold light (4000ºK) to help you focus on tasks and avoid possible incidents.

– In bedrooms, it is best to opt for indirect, soft, and warm lighting (2700ºK) that helps you fall asleep with lamps on bedside tables, headboards, or floor lamps.

– And to enjoy a chat around the dining table using more neutral general lighting with pendant lamps, spotlights, or garlands on the table.



Sometimes your house gives off bad smells and you don’t know what they are due to. While you are inside it, you barely appreciate it, but when you return from shopping at the supermarket, you notice a slightly unpleasant whiff as soon as you enter. These stinks can be caused by the dirt that accumulates in the filters, the fan, or the drain of the air conditioning, so try to keep them clean.

If the “drain is connected to a pipe in the house, placing a siphon will solve the problem,” they assure from Home Serve. From this company they also advise “to put it regularly, using the FAN or fan mode, which neither cools nor heats the air and hardly consumes electricity.” Another trick? Do not use air fresheners while you have the air conditioning on, both the particles from them and tobacco smoke. bypassing over and over through the filters, they can generate bad odors.

What if the kitchen smells bad? Then check the range hood. It may not suck well because it is improperly installed, the turbine has been blocked, or simply because the filters are dirty. To avoid the latter, clean the surface of the hood after each use and always when it is turned off. Pass a cloth moistened with a degreasing spray. Clean the filters often in the dishwasher, if your hood model supports it. If you don’t do it by hand, remove the filter and apply a powerful grease solvent (like KH7), leave it to act for a few minutes, and rinse it with hot water. Replace it clean and like new!

And so that your whole house smells of blessed glory, get used to cooking scented candles or incense sticks, red berries, jasmine or vanilla after cooking. Let its aroma spread little by little throughout the house. And start enjoying good smells!


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