How Much Does A Home Green Corner Cost

If you are a plant lover you must surely know what a green corner or a plant corner is in your house. The green corner concept aims to bring together plants in a space specifically intended for them, be it a corner, a corner, a piece of furniture, or even a patio in the house. The idea is to create a space for them and by giving it a name they are given importance.


PLANT inside home

According to Ribas “indoor plants, in addition to their undeniable aesthetic value, do valuable work such as making the air more breathable, releasing oxygen and filtering pollutants every day, such as formaldehyde, trichloroethylene or benzene, harmful volatile organic compounds to health”.

“In addition, they release phytochemicals that suppress bacteria in the air and add moisture helping to counteract the dry air from the heaters. But not only that: the deep green of a palm leaf increases our well-being and transports us and connects with nature. No, we can all have a garden but everyone can own a plant. And everyone should, “advises the landscaper.


If you have decided to create a green corner you must know what types of plants to use. The vast majority of houseplants tend to be understory plants of tropical or subtropical forests such as ribbons, pothos, philodendrons, dracaenas, dieffenbachias, bromeliads and orchids. These plants grow under the conditions of the Most of our interiors: warm, some light and not too many drafts,

Esther Ribas explains that having a green corner at home can cost from 300 euros although it can vary depending on the furniture and accessories. As always, the calculation will depend on the size of the place, the type of intervention, the selection of plants, and their size. There are cheaper ones, especially if the plant species are grown in local nurseries, and will be more expensive when imported from other countries. Pots, planters, or supports also influence the price a lot, sometimes they are even more expensive than the plants themselves, especially if we are looking for more elaborate pieces or special supports. Besides, we must consider the advisory work as a landscaper or the work of gardening, if the case fits.


PLANT inside home

It is worth remembering that having a corner dedicated to plants does not always have to be indoors. That is, if you have a balcony, terrace, or patio, I can also have a green corner created. Ribas advises and encourages them to be also abroad. Many times they are disused or abandoned spaces and, without a doubt, they must be revalued. From an environmental and social point of view, the contribution we make is not trivial. The type of plants is already totally changing, since they must be plants adapted to the climate Mediterranean, the majority with its spring blooms, which, by opening the range of species, contributes to increasing biodiversity and that means a great environmental improvement. We also contribute to reducing noise and pollution levels.


Whether you work at home or outside Ribas recommends surrounding yourself with plants. The office is a generally hostile environment where screens and windows tend to be small. Having plants in this environment is also possible, as there are plants adapted to very little light, although in these cases you must choose very well. Plants should be located as close to the windows so that they have some natural light, even if indirect, and always away from air conditioners and radiators because sudden changes in temperature do not do well,


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