How to clean your Vans

How to clean your Vans: the surefire tricks to make them look new

We have compiled the best tricks on the Internet to clean your Vans shoes and make them shine.


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Vans are one of those classic sneakers that don’t go out of style and you surely have one in your closet. From the most famous black Vans Old Skool, to the Vans SK8 Hi booty type that are now super trend, through the colored models and of course, the platform ones.

We encourage you to take advantage of this quarantine to shine your Vans and make them like new with these tricks that we have found on the Internet. Take note!

The first thing you have to keep in mind when cleaning your Vans is that the official website of the brand does not recommend putting them in the washing machine because they can damage the van shoes. They claim that even putting them in a pillowcase, they could spoil.


In this video they show us the step by step to clean the Vans with water, soap, soft cloths, a soft brush (it can be a toothbrush) and another harder brush.

The first thing he recommends cleaning is the area of ​​the sole , moistening it with water and rubbing with the toothbrush. Before this, remove the laces and let them soak in soap and water.

Then, with the damp cloths, the white strip is cleaned (which is always leather and does not spoil when wet).

It is important to let the shoes dry before proceeding to the next step. After this, with the hard brush the fabric is cleaned in only one direction.

If your shoes are damaged from use or from a blow, you can restore them by giving them in the area in question with a very careful nail file (you can see it better in the video). You can also do it with a razor blade, always with very careful and delicate movements.

From the Vans page they recommend doing it like this:

Choose a work surface and cover it with a towel or sheet.

Use duct tape to cover the material of the shoe to avoid damaging the top and sides with any leaking product.

Fill a mug with one of these cleaning products: white vinegar, lemon juice, rubbing alcohol, or acetone.

Take an old toothbrush or one with soft bristles, dip it into the product and gently buff the white rubber in small circular motions.

Then wipe it with a clean, damp cloth , and voila!

Many YouTube tutorials also recommend cleaning this white strip with toothpaste and a brush.

If you also want to clean the inside , use a baking soda and detergent paste and apply it with a small brush (or toothbrush) to the inside of your shoes. Leave on for 15 minutes, rinse with warm water and let them dry.

If you are more of Converse, do not worry, because we also have the best tips to clean them and make them impeccable.


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