Fold A Chip Bag

How To Fold A Chip Bag!

The tricks of Marie Kondo, the great Japanese export of the order known around the world, have life beyond how to organize a wardrobe. Thanks to its methodical procedure, it is capable of folding any object that we have in our home. For each piece, follow a specific technique to achieve the same goal: to maintain order and, consequently, to gain that much-needed space, especially on small floors.

But his technique goes far beyond organizing garments, since as we will see in the video that you will find below, Marie Kondo was proposed the challenge of how to correctly fold the potato bags. And she did!


Marie Kondo cannot resist anything, nor can the annoying potato bags. The infallible technique that she uses consists of two simple steps that will make a big difference.

Before storing the bag in any way and the potatoes become soft and inedible, we must double the opening to remove all the air from the bag and repeat this procedure as many times as necessary until we make sure that there is no air left.

Once all the air has been removed, we double the opening of the bag very tightly until we reach the part where there are still potatoes. In this way, we greatly reduce the contents of the bag and obtain a much smaller and ready-to-store package.

As we said, the order of Marie Kondo goes far beyond the wardrobe and the rooms of the house. In addition to this nice video, a few months ago, the Japanese order guru also taught us how we should order our mobile applications. Did you take note at the time?


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