Fold A Shirt

How To Fold A Shirt So It Doesn’t Wrinkle

When it comes time to pack a suitcase, one of the items that costs us the most to store correctly so that it doesn’t wrinkle is the shirt. In the closet you try to keep it hanging, but sometimes that can’t be either. Therefore, in the following video you will see how to fold a shirt quickly and fold it well, either to put in the suitcase and go on a trip or to save closet space. For this, we have the help of the professional organizer Mercedes Ne stares. No more having your shirts crushed and wrinkled!


Surely with the video it has become clear to you, but just in case, here we give you the step by step of how to fold a shirt :

  1. Spread the shirt on a flat surface.
  2. Front side up.
  3. Unfold the collar and close the buttons.
  4. Smooth to remove wrinkles.
  5. Fold the first half towards the center.
  6. Put the sleeve down.
  7. Tip: make a small bend in the armpit so that it is flat.
  8. The second half slightly overlaps the previous half.
  9. Bring bottom to neck.
  10. You already have a rectangle.
  11. Now fold the garment in thirds and voilà!


  • Buttons on the shirt.
  • Place the shirt on a flat surface that is face down.
  • Divide the shirt into three parts vertically and fold the left part.
  • Then fold the sleeve twice.
  • You already have a part ready! Now repeat the same step with the right side.
  • Remember that the bottom of the shirt folds up to the sleeves.
  • At the end, fold the shirt in two halves and make the bottom touch the neck.


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