Wardrobe Change: How To Fold Sweaters And Sweatshirts

The task of changing the closet sometimes becomes a headache, more than anything to put in order all the clothes that we will keep in boxes or in the closet for a few months. And making the change from winter to summer is even more complicated, because the clothes take up more space than the other way around.

In order to make your life easier and change the wardrobe becomes a quick and easy task, we leave you the video that you have below, so you can learn to fold Marie Kondo- style sweaters and sweatshirts to make the most of the space what we have.


Hello Everyone! I am Emma. A single mother of a lovely doughtier. Life is impotent. Organizing your life is more important. So, Started this blog. I will home improvement and life hacking tips and tricks here. So, it can help all.

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