What Is Rat Race: How To Get Out Of It And Start Saving.

Managing personal finances can be boring and complicated, but it can also mean improving many aspects of your life if done correctly. Today we will tell you what the rat’s career is and how you can get out of it.

This concept defines a very common situation in which many people find themselves in today’s society and symbolizes the continuous increase in expenses as profits increase. Earn more and spend more. For some reason, money is always little for those who are running this rat race.



The rat’s career represents, as we have briefly said, working and working on something that you may not even like to pay off your debts. Imagine this situation: you move to a new house and you need to furnish it, buy a car to go to work and before you know it, you are planning a wedding, three trips and the first child arrives. For this, you work continuously, but the expensive plans multiply. As you see that you work more and earn more, your projects do not decrease but increase along with your salary. So you find yourself slammed in the middle of the rat’s run and don’t know how to get out.

If our income increases due to a job promotion, overtime, or for any other reason, our expenses will also automatically increase. The result is always the same and you only manage to exhaust yourself without reaching a goal.



Many factors can give us the warning to be inside this cyclical wheel. The important thing is to analyze each one of them with our personal situation and to be able to accept that you have a very harmful financial rhythm. Some of the characteristics that define this career and that can help us put our feet on the ground are:

  • You don’t know how much you spend but what income you have. You shop without keeping a list of expenses and you don’t know how much you can afford to spend. It seems to you that your money is unlimited until you have to compensate for it with more hours of work.
  • You buy little-needed things. Within these expenses, you are captivated by the offers of any product and you buy objects and accessories that in reality will not make a big change in your life.
  • When you charge an extra, you buy something and do not use it to pay off a debt. Consumerism loses you and you are unable to use that money that you have wanted so much to save.
  • You are forced to buy brand name things. That in general they are much more expensive and you only do it due to the influences of the environment. If they have it, you also want to have it – even if it is out of your budget.
  • You check where your money has gone and you have no assets. Then you feel bad and you can end up making the situation worse with some harmful attitude – for example, going shopping.



Once you understand its concept and have identified its features, likely, you are not yet in this career, or you do not know how to get out of it. We give you some very effective instructions that you can follow. They consist of small changes in your routine that you can incorporate little by little until you escape this cycle. We leave you some ideas:

  • Educate yourself on financial intelligence. Learning more about her will be the key element that will allow you to abandon the race and regain your freedom. There are numerous books and videos to start with.
  • Set your priorities. You must think about what is important and what you should not, under any circumstances, spend your money on.
  • Eliminate your debts progressively. You can start by allocating a slight percentage of your income to pay off these debts that you carry. This will make you freer and less tied to your workplace.
  • Calculate your fixed expenses. If you can, decrease them: detect those things in which you have spent years spending money and reduce it in benefit to others.
  • Generate new income. Using the money in assets (that which will give you money) and not in liabilities (debts) you will realize that the former will end up paying all your luxuries.
  • Learn how to create extra income streams. While trying to get out of the rat race, find out how to earn some extra money, perhaps selling everything you don’t need, betting on your own business, etc.

The main option to exit the race is by regulating the monthly fixed expenses and progressively reducing consumption. And, if possible, try to generate income on our own by investing or disposing of objects that we do not use.

But make no mistake: this does not mean that you cannot fulfill your dreams. Routine life in the race makes us lose the essence and the will to live. Be clear about your dreams and chase them. This will greatly improve your energy.

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