How To Install Crown Molding On Kitchen Cabinets

You’ll do a substantial quantity of nailing for this job, so think about buying an 18-gauge surface nailer and also an air compressor to function faster as well as more exactly with fewer damages to the molding. Nailer and also air compressor sets supply the nailing tools you’ll require, usually for less than buying the tools individually.
1Provide a toenailing surface area for crown molding by affixing strong timber installing strips to the leading edges of the closets. Cut strips of straight 3/4-in x 1-1/2-in timber to fit the front as well as sides of each cupboard. (Usage one long strip for a row of cabinets the same deepness.) After that use wood glue per strip, nail it in place, as well as let it completely dry.

Cut one side item a minimum of 3-in oversize. Hold it in position on the side of the cupboard with one end flush with the back and also mark the place of your miter cut.

2You could determine, mark, and then cut items to dimension, however that method increases the possibility of errors that leave spaces on mitered edges. By using the mounting strips and also cabinets to gauge component lengths, you’ll create corners that need a minimum of filler.

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