Is It Wrong To Use The Same Cloth For Two Different Things?

The cloth is one of the essential cleaning elements of all houses. But on many occasions, a task as basic and simple as cleaning with a cloth can lead us to make mistakes. So it never hurts to remember which tricks are most effective for best results.

How many times should we use a cloth, on what surfaces, how often should it be cleaned … Today we will tell you why not use the cloth for the same two things and all the other doubts related to the use of cloth as a cleaning tool.


On many occasions, due to lack of information or haste when cleaning, we use the same cloth to clean two things. For example, we clean the kitchen counter, and right after that we use the same cloth to remove the food remains from the dining room table. Another example would be to use the same cloth to clean the bathroom furniture and then use it to review the kitchen (or vice versa).

If we use the same cloth to clean different things from different rooms of the house, the only thing we will achieve is to distribute the dirt from one surface to another. We will not only be doing an ineffective cleaning, but we will help the proliferation of bacteria and germs.

Also, experts recommend using cloth for the kitchen, another to remove dust from furniture and another to clean the bathroom, which is one of the places where thorough and effective cleaning is most needed. In short, it is important to use different clothes if you want to keep the house clean of germs.


It is not only important to know how to use a cloth, but it is also important to know how and when to clean it. Many of us tend to clean it infrequently and change it every so often.

cleaning cloth wash

However, these clothes accumulate a lot of bacteria and dirt. So it is important to know the most common mistakes you can be making with your cloth in our articles on how to clean it and the best way to clean your cloth. These are some of the cleaning tricks that we must keep in mind:

  • Remove food scraps from cloths. Germs and bacteria feed on these nutrients.
  • Soak them. At least once a week, soak the cloths with water and bleach.
  • Change the cloths periodically. Do not wait until they are very damaged and change them whenever you can.
  • Rinse and drain well. After each use, squeeze and rinse each cloth and leave them spread out to dry well.

Now it’s your turn. Set aside a cloth for each type of use, and you can even buy them in different colors to avoid confusion. Whatever you do, your house will be much cleaner and protected.


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