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Marie Kondo And Her Magic Of Order

Surely there are few people who do not know Marie Kondo and her KonMari method. The Japanese not only became a worldwide bestseller with her first book ‘The Magic of Order’. In a little more than 5 years, she has put the fashion order and has taught us to live with fewer things. And now he already has new books on the market, a reality show on Netflix and even his own online store. 

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Marie Kondo has been passionate about an order from a very young age when she was already organizing the closets of the whole family. She herself recently recounted that she inherited from her paternal grandmother Noriko the natural and apparently effortless way to order. From here he also learned to take care of his objects and his sense of decoration.

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Years later, Marie Kondo turned that passion for order into a profession and created a consultancy of order that has led her to revolutionize the world of the organization and has crossed the borders of her native Japan to become a global phenomenon.

Now he has several books published, forms professional organizers around the world, has a reality show on Netflix(and prepares another), and has even launched an online store for very special objects. It is according to Time magazine one of the 100 most influential people in the world. And, in addition to creating a great ’empire of order’, Marie Kondo is also the mother of two beautiful girls, Satsuki and Miko, and lives in Tokyo with her husband Takumi Kawahara, CEO of Konmari Media LLC. Here we sneak into your house.


“Elimination is the first step for the organization. ” Whoever has read Marie Kondo’s book, ‘The magic of order’, is very clear that the first step in ordering the house is to throw away everything that we do not use, need, or, as she says, give us happiness. The Japanese believe that the main problem of many homes is not a lack of space (the floors in Japan tend to be tiny) but that we have more things than are necessary. So the first step of the KonMari method is to shoot.

When organizing the house, Marie Kondo does it by categories, not by rooms, and that is another of its differences with other methods of order. That is to say, she does not put her wardrobe in order but takes out the clothes that are kept all over the house too, first, decide what to keep and whatnot, and then find a fixed place for each type of thing.

If you have an established place, maintaining order is much easier, that would be another key to the KonMari Method. In other words, nothing about having bags or T-shirts scattered around various parts of the house. It is best to establish a fixed place to store them. So when we stop using one we have perfectly internalized where to store it and we do not leave it anywhere.

Marie Kondo follows an order to organize. Marie Kondo knows that sometimes throwing things can be difficult for us, so she establishes a very clear order of where we should start organizing the house. According to his method, clothes must first be ordered, then books, papers, komono (which is a category that includes very different objects), and then items of sentimental value. This order is not created at random, according to the Japanese, getting rid of clothes is the easiest and the whole process prepares us to be able to throw away the most complicated objects of sentimental value.

If you want to know in more detail what the KonMari method consists of, don’t miss this article:


Marie Kondo has also sneaked into our houses through Netflix with her program To order with Marie Kondo !. In which throughout 8 chapters he visits the home of American families to teach them to put an order.

For this program, Marie Kondo was nominated in 2019 for the Emmy for the best presenter and best-structured reality show. According to the content platform on it, Marie Kondo, the world-renowned expert organizer, helps her clients tidy up their home by making some changes and inspires them to achieve happiness.

And, also, as Marie Kondo herself has told on her Instagram profile, she is preparing a new program with Netflix, “Sparking Joy with Marie Kondo”. In it, the Japanese order guru intends not to order a house but a small city in the United States. At the moment, they are looking for towns that are going to be cast.


At the end of last year, Marie Kondo announced the launch of The Shop at KonMari. The world’s most famous organizer store where you can shop from order trays and wireless chargers to a fretboard to clarify household energy. Some of his objects have seemed a bit picturesque and expensive.


Before opening her online store, Marie Kondo had already launched her collection of boxes, which were not cheap either (about $ 89), but sold out very quickly. She who in her book ‘The magic of order’ was a strong advocate of using shoeboxes to store practically everything. Now all these products are gathered on its website, which regularly renews with new items in its Newcomers section.


The creator of the Konmari method is a lover of organization in capital letters, that is why in her daily routine there is never a lack of these four habits that aim to have a more harmonious home.

  1. Marie Kondo makes lists to plan her day. Because the order is not only physical but also mental, writing on different lists all the tasks you have to do will clear part of your head and help you organize your thoughts. By releasing your mental load, your mind will flow better and leave room for creativity.
  2. The order guru makes the bed as soon as she gets up. Ventilating the room for ten minutes, and then making your bed, will give you the pleasure of having the first task of your day done. The second reward you will find when you return from work: your room will breathe order and you will feel at home.
  3. Pick up the kitchen after each use. Nothing like seeing the counter and sink clear every time you walk into your kitchen. Do you dream of a pantry ordered and organized by categories? Having everything in order will give you such pleasure that it will compensate for the laziness of picking and cleaning. You can take advantage of any moment, such as while the dinner is heating, to start scrubbing the utensils or putting them in the dishwasher. So then it will be a piece of cake!
  4. Marie Kondo stores everything in its place after using it. It seems a minor detail, but it is the real origin of the disorder. The keys on the table, the correspondence on the counter, or the clothes to be folded … any small detail is potentially dangerous to stay out of place and generate disorder again.
  5. And he never forgets to say hello to his house. This is probably the most surprising habit of the order guru. The KonMari method encourages us to mentally greet our home as you would greet your family or your pet. This ritual should last a couple of minutes but also, you can have a dialogue with your house while you organize it. Organizing is not only restoring the balance between people, their possessions, and the house where they live; but also an opportunity to express appreciation for our home and all that it does for us.


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