Modern Small Kitchen Design

A New Modern Small Kitchen Design Idea

Here is a summary of the basics you should apply to your kitchen. You have seen them reflected in the projects that we have presented to you, but this way you can review each item.

  • Simplicity in design, with straight lines prevailing.
  • The soft colors give breadth and multiply the light but in the latest styles finding some elements, in contrast, is a wise move. To keep the space from appearing smaller, play with contrasting coatings in medium, and make use of only the darker colors (black) in details such as handles or taps.
  • Smooth fronts are the best option. With minimal design, fingernails, or integrated handles. This absence of elements makes the space feel cleaner and clearer.
  • Integrated appliances.
  • Countertops and continuous surfaces. The fewer changes in coatings and colors, the more the unit is favored.
  • Clear space. Order is essential. You have to think that a small and modern kitchen has a certain halo of minimalism. So the countertops have to be cleared.
  • Elements that add sophistication. Practical solutions and ideas coexist in a modern small kitchen with trends. These together with certain finishes and materials add a plus of elegance.



With that modern and current character, you can add the following to the list of basics:

  • Ambient lighting with LED lights installed on the base units.
  • Materials are innovative and technological.
  • Designer appliances that present a novel aesthetic and the use of technology in their management.
  • Original details such as plates with integrated hoods; power strips that are hidden in the worktop; touch taps; food grinders…

Furniture and solutions to measure, are really original. You will take advantage of the space and you will have a powerful visual effect.


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