Quality, functional coffee tables

Quality, functional coffee tables

More than ever, the coffee table serves as a real eye-catcher in the living room . The ideal coffee table combines functionality with design and forms the perfect binding agent between the other elements in the seating area. Place a few tea lights or some beautiful books on your coffee table and create a homely atmosphere in which it is pleasant to stay.

Some coffee tables provide some extra storage space to conveniently hide your remote control or magazines. Other coffee tables are strong pieces of design and immediately set the tone in your living room. Whatever you are looking for, at WEBA we have something for everyone!

Our range consists of coffee tables in all shapes, sizes, colors, materials and styles: both rural and industrial coffee tables, square or round coffee tables, in white or black, wooden or metal and even glass coffee tables. Plenty of choice to choose the coffee table that perfectly matches your taste and interior.

The style

Are you a fan of a rural look? Then go for a rustic, wooden coffee table that creates peace and is very atmospheric. Wooden coffee tables are often made with teak, oak or mango wood, which creates a cozy, warm feeling. Do you prefer something more unique? Then go for a coffee or side table with a top made of old, solid train legs!

Is a cool, industrial interior more your thing? Then choose a coffee table with a black, metal finish in combination with raw, dark wood tones for a robust look.

Have you ever dared to go a little more eccentric in your interior? A coffee table in the shape of a tree trunk, in fiberglass with a concrete look or with an Eastern tint might perfectly match your eclectic style!

The form

Coffee tables come in different shapes and sizes: rectangular, square or round, small or large. A rectangular or square coffee table creates a sleek, modern look in your living room. They are also practical because of the large tray on which you can store countless items, such as your drink, snacks or newspapers. The timeless design is characteristic of this type of coffee table, which means that they fit into almost any interior.

A round piece provides a trendy, hip look and is easy to combine with the rest of your furniture. The different sizes and heights provide a playful effect and create a little more depth in your interior. In our offer you will already find a number of sets that fit together perfectly.

The color

Also in terms of color you will find a wide spectrum of possibilities at WEBA. You can choose a coffee table that matches the color of your TV furniture or sofa , but you can also do the opposite and create a surprising contrast. For example, a black coffee table combines very nicely with a cognac-colored corner sofa . White coffee tables or coffee tables in a light wood color, on the other hand, fit perfectly in a minimalist, Scandinavian interior.

The material

At WEBA you can buy coffee tables in wood, metal, glass, MDF and plastic. Wood is a lively and rural material that radiates heat and scratches are not immediately noticeable or disturbing. MDF consists of pressed wood fibers and is often used in high-gloss coffee tables. It is a material that, like plastic, is easy to clean, ideal if you have children.

Glass coffee tables, on the other hand, are not immediately recommended for children, but they refract the light and give the room a bright and contemporary character. Their transparency is a rewarding quality, because it allows them to be effortlessly combined with furniture in various materials.

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