Small Fruit Trees That You Can Grow In A Pot

Fill your terrace with fruit trees and savor the fruits. Fruit trees can be grown in pots without having to have a garden. We explain what types of trees you can have and how to take care of them.

  • What fruit trees can you grow in a pot?
  • How to plant fruit trees in a pot.
  • How to care for your fruit trees in a pot.
  • Where to locate your fruit trees.
  • When to water your fruit trees.
  • Beware of pests.

Do you like fruit? So don’t give up on having a fruit tree on your terrace or balcony. Of course, not all trees are likely to be planted in pots. If you want your tree to grow healthy and strong, you must respect the natural cycles of each tree. That way you will have a tasty and abundant harvest.


apple Tree IN A POT
  • Lemon Tree: Get ready to make lemonade or a delicious lemon pie because lemon trees can be grown in pots.
  • Orange: If you are not lucky enough to savor a good Valencian orange, take comfort in planting your little orange in a pot. Like the lemon tree, the orange trees adapt well to the pots and if the climate is not very cold it will not be very difficult to grow and care for it.
  • Cherry: They need a mild climate and little water (but always humid). Withstands low temperatures better than high ones.
  • Apple tree: They adapt very well to life in a pot. you just have to choose what type of apple you want and fall into the temptation of having as many apples as you want.
  • Peach tree: It is one of the tastiest summer fruits and both peaches and nectarines can be grown in pots.
  • Gooseberry: It is a super easy fruit tree to grow and its fruits are loaded with vitamins perfect for preparing sauces, decorating cakes, or making juices.
  • Pear Tree: Pear trees are also very easy to grow, just like apple trees. They need a lot of sun and heat and above all to protect them from the wind and frost. In return, he will offer you a bountiful harvest.
  • Banana Tree: Who would have thought that you could have your own banana tree in a pot adding a tropical air to your terrace. Of course, they need a lot of sun and humidity.


First of all, keep in mind that you cannot plant a tree at any time of the year. It is best to do it during the last weeks of February and the first weeks of March when winter is already ending.


Anyway, depending on the type of tree you want, you will have to plant it later or not. For example, a lemon or a peach tree should be planted a little later so that the cold does not spoil them. On the other hand, if you want to savor some good cherries, in March is a good time. Thus, you will ensure that the fruit grows properly.

Another thing to keep in mind when planting a fruit tree is the type of pot. Not all pots are created equal. The best ones are made of clay since they conserve humidity better, they are porous and by weighing more than plastic ones, they give the tree greater stability.

The size of it is also important. Choose a wide and deep pot so that the roots fit well and the fruit tree can grow comfortably. Remember that these types of trees must be transplanted every two or three years.

The substrate, the soil you are going to use, is also important. Just like planting it directly in the ground, potted fruit trees need rich, fertile soil. There are specific substrates for fruit trees, but if you don’t have them you can mix black peat (60%) with per lite (30%) and earthworm humus (10%). With this mixture, you will be providing the minerals and nutrients it needs so that it grows healthy and strong and its fruits are very tasty.


If you decide to buy fruit directly in a pot, you should also treat it with the same care. However, you should consider the following:

  • Not all fruit trees are likely to be planted in a pot
  • They will never be as large and tall as those that are planted directly in the ground. This does not mean that the fruits will be smaller but they will give less quantity.
  • Prune branches and roots whenever necessary so that the fruit tree can live comfortably in the pot.


Fruit trees love the sun. In fact, in order for them to grow healthy and strong, they need to receive as much sunlight as possible per day . Especially during the season that bears fruit so that they can ripen correctly. When you place your flower pot on the terrace you should not only take into account that it is in a sunny place but also protected from the wind, another of its main enemies.

Small Fruit Tree in home


Trees need constant watering. They love humidity but pay attention because the soil mustn’t puddle. Although each tree has its watering cycle, always check that the substrate is wet before watering.

Another important aspect is the type of water. The most suitable for fruit trees is to water them with rainwater or, failing that, with water without lime. Remember: excess water is one of the main enemies of fruit trees and more so if they are in a pot. So it is important to create a good drainage layer with gravel or volcanic clay.


Like plants, fruit trees do not get rid of pests, especially in spring and summer, when the weather is warmer. The most common are aphids, whiteflies and mealybugs. You can fix it with natural insecticides. If you see that it is going to increase, you should use a specific chemical insecticide.


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