The Antibacterial House: What Materials Provide An Extra Cleaning?

Extra Cleaning Materials

Living in a healthy and hygienic environment is more necessary than ever. For this, there are materials that help us forget about germs and bacteria. Difference between antimicrobial and antibacterial’. THE ANTIBACTERIAL HOUSE: ITS MATERIALS. Antibacterial surfaces for kitchen, bathroom and more. Kitchen and bathroom furniture. Antibacterial ceramic. Eco cement. Laminate and vinyl floors. Earthenware for … Read more

10 Most Dangerous For Health Cleaning Products

Dangerous Cleaning Products

Some cleaning products for your home, such as detergents and other substances, can contain elements that are very harmful to your health. 1. Degreases 2. Toilet bowl cleaners 3. Oven cleaner 4. Plungers 5. Air fresheners 6. Furniture polishes 7. Whiteners 8. Anticals 9. Disinfectants 10. Window cleaner Some of the cleaning products that we have at … Read more