Plants That Attract Positive Energy To Your Home


Plants are proven to have a major influence on health and well-being. But it is that, in addition, some favor the flow of positive energy and counteract the negative. The book Paradise is your home, tells us what they. 1. BASIL CLEANS “Sacred plant in India, has been used since ancient times to do cleansing both in … Read more

How To Care For Petunias

Care For Petunias

Petunias along with geraniums usually dress the balconies and terraces. Fill the exterior with your house with color with this beautiful plant. We explain how to take care of it so that it looks splendid. Petunia is an outdoor plant whose flower in the shape of a trumpet (or rather a tuba or horn) usually fills balconies, … Read more

Ficus Lyrata: The Trend Plant


Ficus Lyrata stands out for its green leaves and its presence. It is a perfect plant to decorate any corner and threatens to conquer the reign of the fern this season. PRESENTATION Ficus Lyrata is a tropical plant from Africa perfect for indoors. Its name is a tribute to the lyre since its leaves are shaped like … Read more