Manual For Using Wallop And Finding Decor Bargains

Using Wallop And Finding Decor

Wallapop is one of the largest platforms for buying and selling second-hand products. Thousands of people share different products through it, and there are also decorations. Edurne de Oteiza, Director of Operations and Marketing at Wallapop admits that the decoration category is one of the most powerful in the company. “From new or high-quality items at better prices to exclusive objects or … Read more

Turn Your Old Offices Into A Bright And Cozy Apartment

Cozy Apartment

Like the story of the ugly duckling, this has been the project of this dilapidated office space that the Dream Living team has turned into a swan. They had to create a completely new layout from scratch that included a bathroom, a bedroom, a dressing room, an open kitchen and a living room. And, in addition, it was necessary … Read more

How To Renew Wall And Floor Covering Quickly And Without Hard Works!

Renew Wall And Floor Covering

If just hearing the word reform you start to tremble because noise, dust, debris, coming through the workers’ house, dirt. come to mind! We are going to show you how you can change the coatings of your house without works.  There is a legion of materials, techniques and products that make it possible.  Painting the walls, the … Read more