The Art Of Plants And Feng Shui


Find out how to activate your plant-based Chi. They will fill it with positive energy and attract abundance and prosperity. Sign up for the most natural Feng Shui! IT SMELLS GOOD AND FEELS GOOD For the Feng Shui expert Astrid Izquierdo, from  Integral Synchrony, it is highly recommended to put aromatic plants in the kitchen. Basil, mint, … Read more

Do You Live In A Healthy House?

Healthy House

Much has been said about eastern philosophies such as feng shui to achieve well-being at home. It is that having a healthy house that helps us feel good is important for everyone. We have become aware of how essential it is to rest at home. We surround ourselves with a decoration that motivates us to relax and feel comfortable. But still, there are times when we … Read more