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Plants That Attract Positive Energy To Your Home

Plants are proven to have a major influence on health and well-being. But it is that, in addition, some favor the flow of positive energy and counteract the negative. The book Paradise is your home, tells us what they. 1. BASIL CLEANS…

Small Fruit Tree IN A POT

Small Fruit Trees That You Can Grow In A Pot

Fill your terrace with fruit trees and savor the fruits. Fruit trees can be grown in pots without having to have a garden. We explain what types of trees you can have and how to take care of them. What fruit…

Plants Leaves cleaning

How To Clean The Plants Leaves

Plants, both natural and artificial, need cleaning for different reasons. We explain how to do it so that they recover all their shine. WHAT IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING WHEN CLEANING A PLANT? Alejandra Coll, from Asilvestrada, is the plant expert who advises us,…