How To Put The Dishwasher Well To Take Full Advantage


Accustomed to school canteens and lunchbox meals, chances are, these days that we are spending all our time at home, the dishwasher is working. But are you doing it right? Are all the dishes and cutlery perfectly clean? If not, there is something you are doing wrong. We know that putting the dishwasher is not quantum physics, but also that … Read more

The Best And Prettiest Bike Storage Ideas

Bike Storage

World Bicycle Day is celebrated on June 3. A much more sustainable and healthy means of transport, which has increased in use after confinement. So much so, that sales and repairs are up more than 30%.  This individual means of transport has become the most desired alternative to avoid crowding by the Coronavirus.  But, it is true that not all of … Read more

The Best Organizing Phrases Your Mother Says

Order Phrases Your Mother Says

Mothers are philosophers, accountants, housewives, home organizers, decorators, nurses. Although sometimes it seems to you that their advice is nothing more than scolding, in reality, they are great learning that will be very valuable both at home and in life in general. We have asked you through Instagram about the advice of the order of your mothers … Read more

How To Fold A Chip Bag!

Fold A Chip Bag

The tricks of Marie Kondo, the great Japanese export of the order known around the world, have life beyond how to organize a wardrobe. Thanks to its methodical procedure, it is capable of folding any object that we have in our home. For each piece, follow a specific technique to achieve the same goal: to maintain order and, consequently, to gain … Read more