Easy Ways To Decontaminate Your House From Noise, Humidity, Lights And Bad Smells

Decontaminate Your House

Would you like your house to be soundproofed, protected, well lit, and also to smell of glory? Congratulations because getting it is possible! Put these tips into action and you will achieve it in a plus pie? Insulate your house on the outside and inside. How to choose your windows? Humidity at home, visible or not. And … Read more

Reforms To Avoid Debris


Without works. It is what all these reforms have in common. Give your important home a change without dust or debris. You can do it yourself or entrust it to a professional 1. NO RUBBLE: PAINT THE WALLS An expert in reforms without major works, Ana Lorenzo of Decorate, helps us with the choice of those changes without rubble. “With paint you … Read more