How Long Does Frozen Food Last?

How Long Does Frozen Food Last

When you don’t want the food to pass you by, you freeze it. But not all foods can be frozen, not once frozen lasts forever. Learn the expiration date of each food to maintain all its properties. 1. BROTHS AND SOUPS, ONLY THREE MONTHS Whether they are fish, meat, or vegetables, the recommended freezing period … Read more

16 Tips To Save Money When Staying At Home

Save When Staying At Home

You will save on leisure, gasoline, and morning coffee. But the coronavirus quarantine implies that we are all at home, which in all probability will increase the monthly expenses for water, electricity, and gas during confinement. Although it is essential that you feel comfortable at home to cope as well as possible this season, there are several actions you can … Read more

50 Very Easy Tricks To Save Money At Home These Days

Tricks To Save Money

We give you some simple tips with which you will reduce household expenses. Some of them will be very good for you these days when we will spend a lot of time at home during the quarantine. 1. PLAN THE LIGHTING.  It is important not to spend more than desired on the light. Also, if you paint … Read more