Manage Your Finances Like A Pro


Since Marie Kondo came from Japan to reorganize our homes, and consequently our lives through a very complete guide to order, we have generally become more methodical and practical. And why not do the same for our finances? Don’t you know where your money is going? Do you usually spend a lot on minor and … Read more

16 Tips To Save Money When Staying At Home

Save When Staying At Home

You will save on leisure, gasoline, and morning coffee. But the coronavirus quarantine implies that we are all at home, which in all probability will increase the monthly expenses for water, electricity, and gas during confinement. Although it is essential that you feel comfortable at home to cope as well as possible this season, there are several actions you can … Read more

10 Keys To Hit Your Mortgage

Hit Your Mortgage

Locking the mortgage can be hard work. Many people still do not see it clearly when it comes to going to the bank and asking for financing to buy a house or an apartment. And although it may not seem like it, it can be really difficult to decide on a mortgage or another: the interests, the commissions, … Read more

The 11 Mistakes That Make You Lose Money With Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning

In summer the air conditioning becomes one of our best friends. But he is a friend who tends to be expensive since it supposes an extra expense in the electricity bill. We can’t prevent that outlay, but we can give you some guidelines that are less. These are the mistakes you could be making that make you spend more when … Read more