A New Modern Small Kitchen Design Idea

Modern Small Kitchen Design

Here is a summary of the basics you should apply to your kitchen. You have seen them reflected in the projects that we have presented to you, but this way you can review each item. Simplicity in design, with straight lines prevailing. The soft colors give breadth and multiply the light but in the latest … Read more

How Much Does It Cost To Install An Island Or Peninsula In The Kitchen.

Install An Island Or Peninsula In The Kitchen

1. WHY INSTALL AN ISLAND OR PENINSULA IN THE KITCHEN. This type of distribution in the kitchen multiplies the surfaces on which to cook and facilitates the movement of people. It helps to get more out of the meters of the house, especially when a partition is removed and the kitchen and the living room or … Read more

22 Modern And Small Kitchens That Will Inspire You

small kitchen

In mini version and with a tremendous current style.¬†Mixing is possible, and the result of this much-desired tandem is comfortable and very appealing spaces. 1. MODERN SMALL KITCHENS IN WHITE Sure hit. Because a small kitchen with white furniture will be light and more spacious. We have more than assimilated this deco resource. But although the furniture is white, why not … Read more