22 Modern And Small Kitchens That Will Inspire You

small kitchen

In mini version and with a tremendous current style. Mixing is possible, and the result of this much-desired tandem is comfortable and very appealing spaces. 1. MODERN SMALL KITCHENS IN WHITE Sure hit. Because a small kitchen with white furniture will be light and more spacious. We have more than assimilated this deco resource. But although the furniture is white, why not … Read more

14 Cabinets Perfect For Small Floors


Put one of these closets where you need it. Because they are suitable for mini houses. Goat! And without investing too much, you’ll have valuable extra warehouse space 1. ADVANTAGES OF IKEA CABINETS. You will have extra warehouse space in a short time, they are assembled easily and quickly, the budget is small, you can compose it by modules … Read more

10 Great Questions To Decorate Small Floors

Decorate Small Floors

IN A SMALL FLAT, WHAT COLOR DO I PAINT THE WALLS, CEILING, AND DOORS? The decorator Pia Capdevila is committed to making color combinations in different shades of gray on the walls, ceiling and doors. Of course, “always with a blank ceiling”. If you are looking to give a more enveloping sensation, what is known as the “bonbon effect”, … Read more