Not Iron The Curtains

The Ultimate Trick To Not Iron The Curtains

In the rooms, in the living room, and even in the kitchen. Curtains dress your windows, offer privacy, and regulate light. But, over time, they get dirty as they accumulate dust and even grease, especially those from the kitchen. So, at least once a quarter, you have to clean them (or for the lazy ones twice a year).

Few people like ironing, least of all curtains that seem like infinite areas of fabric that cannot be smoothed. And although the maintenance of the curtains does not require too much frequency and you want to avoid the iron altogether, when choosing the curtains you must take into account the material (linen, cotton, synthetics …).

The more natural the fabric, the more care you will have to take when cleaning (and ironing it). If you want to avoid the iron, choose a composition 100% polyester or a maximum of 30% linen or cotton. Blends of natural and synthetic fabrics for curtains offer all the advantages of both types. On the one hand, the naturalness of linen or cotton and, on the other, its resistance to wrinkles or better color fixation.


First of all, it is important that you take into account the manufacturer’s label. Not all fabrics or garments can go to the washing machine and depending on the type of curtain you have, it will require one type of care or others (such as taking them to the dry cleaner or washing them by hand). But if you can wash them at home and avoid ironing, choose a program in the washing machine with cold water so they don’t shrink and choose a mild detergent (program for wool or delicate items).

If you want your curtains to look like the first day, do not use fabric softener. Instead, put a tablespoon of sugar. It does not damage the washing machine and it will give a certain size to the fabric, making them have a nice drop.


You can spin the curtains as long as it is smooth. It is important that the curtains do not come out completely dry.


Hang the curtains in place again, either by reattaching the metal hooks or bypassing the rings over the bar. Or even by placing the curtains on the rail slides.

Easy right? And, thanks to the weight of water and humidity, the curtain fabric is naturally smoothed and, thus, you avoid using the iron. If you see that the fabric has come out of the washing machine too dry, you can spray the curtains with a little water to moisten them.


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