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These Are The 10 Forgotten Ones About Cleaning Your House.

Iron, pillow, computer, vacuum cleaner… Who remembers to clean them? If you do they will work better and last longer. We tell you how.

  • How to clean the vacuum cleaner.
  • The toaster like new.
  • How to clean the iron.
  • Cleaning of duvet and pillows.
  • To clean the dishwasher.
  • How to clean the fridge correctly.
  • Clean the computer step by step.
  • The always perfect washing machine.
  • How to clean the mattress thoroughly.
  • Cleaning the coffee maker.


Check filter and head
Clean the filter periodically and change it when necessary (according to the manufacturer’s instructions). Check that there are no residues for the vacuum cleaner to work effectively. The head needs a revision once a month. Remove any debris that builds up on the brushes and clean them with a damp microfiber cloth to prevent clogging and forced operation.
If you find that it is not sucking well, there may be a clog in the vacuum hose. To solve it, gently insert an elongated and narrow object, such
As a bamboo cane or the handle of a feather duster.

The tank and outside
Bag fewer models also need cleaning of your tank. Empty it of
powder when about three-quarters full. Wash it occasionally and
Let it dry. Once a month, unplug it and clean its exterior with a damp cloth. Pay attention to the wheels to remove debris that can damage your floors or carpets.


Maintenance in your day to day
The most important thing is that you empty the crumb tray after each use and that, once cold, make sure that there are no remains left inside (they can burn). Once a week clean the exterior with a slightly damp cloth and dry it well. You will see how it shines.

Once a month, deep clean
Unplug the toaster and put newspaper underneath. Put a few grains of coarse salt in the slots of the toaster, cover them with paper and tape, and shake a little so that the salt will drag away the dirt. Remove the bottom tray and clean it with soap and water. With a toothbrush that you don’t use, you can access the most difficult areas.

A trick: If your toaster is made of steel, it will be shiny if you clean it with a little
Glass cleaner. Rinse and dry.



To clean the base
If you have any burned remains, remove them by rubbing with a cloth with coarse salt when the iron has not completely cooled down (but do not burn!). You will see how the dirt stays stuck on the cloth. When it is cold, clean the base with a damp cloth. If you want to wash its holes, insert a cotton swab impregnated in vinegar through them and turn it.

Remove the lime from the tank
Fill it with distilled water and vinegar in equal parts. When it is hot, you only
Need to purge the iron. Unplug it, cool it down and repeat the process with water to remove the traces of vinegar.

Well, you should do it and think about it: you have your head on it for about 7 hours a day … It is not enough to wash the case. You must do a deeper cleaning. Today, many pillows can be put in the washing machine. And if you have to renew it, go for a hypoallergenic.


Synthetic or down?
Feather or down duvets can be washed in a delicate cycle and accompanied by 3 or 4 tennis balls. These help the feathers not to be
scattered. Please note that for a double bed duvet you will need
a washing machine with more than 8 kg capacity. To dry it, the most recommended is the dryer. If you don’t have it, lay the quilt horizontally, so that the filling doesn’t
Drift sideways, and move it occasionally while it’s drying. Synthetic duvets wash on a short cycle and at low revs.

Latex or memory foam
Hand wash your latex pillows. Do not immerse them too much or rub them and dry horizontally and in the shade. The memory foam is not recommended to wash.



Schedule an empty cycle
It is the best way to clean the dirty water tanks from your dishwasher. Do it
Every 3 months. When it’s been running for about 10 minutes, open the door and pour a glass of white vinegar inside the dishwasher. You can also use baking soda to clean and remove odors. In that case, you should sprinkle it on the before you put one more cleaning on all the dishwasher accessories, such as the swivel arms or the trays. And, once outside, clean and check its condition. The filter is washed with soap and water and, if you want, a drizzle of vinegar.

And also on the outside
Clean, too, the front and edges of the door with a cloth soaked in vinegar. And check the bottom of the dishwasher arm.



Unplug and empty
It is the first step to spotless your fridge. Do it at the time when you have less food. It is recommended that it be every three
Months or so.

Accessories also
Take out trays, buckets, drawers … and wash them in the sink with hot soapy water. You can rub them with a mixture of vinegar and lemon to eliminate bad smells. Rinse well and let dry.

The inside thoroughly
Dissolves baking soda in water and cleans the walls of the fridge with the mixture. Let it work for a few minutes, then rinse and remove any residue with a
Wet cloth. For the door and rubber seals you can use a cloth with water and vinegar.

And the exterior, like new
If access is not difficult, remove the dust that has accumulated in the back. Do it carefully with a handheld vacuum cleaner. And for the front, if it is made of steel do not use chemicals. With a little water and vinegar it will be like new. Do not forget the shooter, it is one of the areas that gets dirtiest.



The keyboard, the dirtiest
Dust, crumbs, dirt … The first thing you should do is turn it inside out and tap it so that the remains fall. Then you can clean it with a
The cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol or by rubbing the keys and the spaces between them with the sticky part of a post-it (it works!).

The screen without trace of fingerprints
Avoid touching the screen with your fingers and do not have it in humid rooms or in
direct sunlight. Clean the computer off with a microfiber cloth, first the frame and then the center without pressing. Never use a household cleaner. There are specific ones and, if you don’t want to buy one, you can make a homemade one
With distilled water and alcohol. Apply it to a cloth, not directly to the screen.

The dust-free tower
The air flow created by the fans of your desktop computer causes
Dust to accumulate inside it. They can be cleaned without removing them with wipes.
To clean the filters or the boxes it will be necessary to dismantle the tower.


Like new with hot water.
Water kills bacteria. If you want the cleaning to be even more effective, add white vinegar. If the water in your area has a lot of lime, try to do another wash with hot water and an anti-scale product.

The soap compartment
Accumulates a lot of debris. Simply remove the dispenser and soak it for 5 minutes in white vinegar. Then rinse well and dry. If it is not removable, do it
With a scouring pad.

The rubber, without moisture
The rubber on the door can be moldy if you do not dry it after each wash with a cloth. If you see some spots appear, rub them with a scouring pad dipped in water and bleach and rinse.



Ventilate daily
It is essential so that it does not accumulate dust and aerates. The ideal would be to take it outside but, as it is not usually feasible, at least ventilate the room for 10 minutes before making the bed. Put a dust mite cover on it to protect it and wash it once a month. To avoid mites, vacuum the mattress often (on both sides).

So that he doesn’t get deformed
Change his position every two or three months. If your mattress is made of latex, you should rotate it from top to bottom (and not from one side to the other).

If it has been stained
OR caught bad smells, sprinkle some baking soda on its surface. Cover the mattress with plastic (about eight hours) and remove the baking soda
With the vacuum cleaner. If you have stubborn stains, rub them with soapy water, avoiding getting the mattress too wet. You can also apply white vinegar to it, leave it to work for
10 minutes, and then toss baking soda to make it fizz.



If it is capsules
The easiest thing is to pass water through the circuits of the coffee maker before putting it. That
would mean emptying the water tank every morning and filling it with clean water. Twice a year you must calcify it. Manufacturers sell a kit, but
You can also do it with vinegar.

Italian coffee makers are cleaned by bringing the coffee maker to a boil with the tank full
Of water and vinegar.


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