How long do household appliances last by brand: washing machines, 10 years on average

The OCU has conducted a survey of 15,000 users in which they have obtained the useful lives of the different household appliances, by brand.

The purchase of appliances is one of the great expenses that are assumed in a move. And even being installed, a breakdown with its respective replacement by another appliance can be a great displeasure for the pocket. The choice is therefore an important decision. You always look for value for money , but now we can also estimate durability . Learn more about washing machine

The useful life of appliances is short and there are big differences between brands . These are the two major conclusions that the Organization of Consumers and Users ( OCU ) has reached after conducting two surveys of more than 15,000 users.

The first, focused on large appliances such as dryers, washing machines, refrigerators or dishwashers; the second, on the most manageable as microwaves, irons or vacuum cleaners. Once the results were obtained, they made a projection by appliance and brand to estimate its useful life.

They exemplify this difference with the case of large household appliances. One from the Miele brand – they indicate – can last between 15 and 17 years, while if it is from the Haier, Indesit or Beco brand, the time of use ranges between six and nine years.

Where more differences have been noticed has been in the washing machines , whose average life is in the ten years. They have perceived the biggest difference between a Miele brand (16 years) and a Haier (6 years).

The dryers usually have a duration of 11 years . The ones that endured the longest were the Miele, at 17 years old, while the least were the Indesit and the Hoover, lasting nine years.

On vacuum cleaners , they estimate that their useful life reaches eight years on average. Examples of brands like Vorwerk, Nilfisk, Panasonic or Filter Queen lasted 13 years. Dirt Devil “does not usually exceed four”, they indicate.

The average life of dishwashers is 11 years . Miele is once again the most durable, with a life of 15 years, in contrast to the Beko, with a duration of 7 years.

Refrigerators , 12 years of useful life. It is the appliance in which the least differences are appreciated. While brands like Bauknecht and Zanussi last around 14 years, Samsung lasts 9.

As for microwaves , an estimated nine years of life. Philips lasted (no longer manufactures) 13 years. Currently, the longest lasting are the Panasonic, Siemens and Mouliner (11 years). The Kunft brand, about four.

Finally, the plates . They are the least durable devices on the list, with a six-year useful life. Laurastar, at nine years old, is the longest lasting, just twice as long as brands like Silvercrest, Flama, Carrefour Home or Kunft (4 years).

Refrigerators (12 years on average):

14 years : Bauknecht, Zanussi.

13 years : Miele, Ignis, Siemens, Brandt, Electrolux, Fagor.

12 years : Liebherr, Bosch, AEG, Balay, NewPol, Aspes, Smeg, Indesit, Edesa, Carrefour Home, Whirlpool, Hoover.

– 11 years old : Candy.

– 10 years : Teka, Hotpoint, Daewoo.

– 9 years : Becken (Worten), Haier, LG, Samsung.

– 8 years : Beko.

Dishwasher (11 years on average):

– 15 years : Miele.

– 14 years : Neff.

– 13 years : De Dietrich.

– 12 years : Siemens, Bauknecht, Zanussi, Bosch.

– 11 years : AEG, Balay, Smeg, Brandt, Electrolux, Ignis, Hoover.

– 10 years : Fagor, Candy, Edesa, Aspes, Whirlpool, Indesit.

– 9 years : Hotpoint.

– 8 years : Teka, Samsung, LG.

– 7 years : Beko.

Dryers (11 years on average):

– 17 years : Miele.

– 12 years : Siemens, Bauknecht.

– 11 years : AEG, Zanussi.

– 10 years : Balay, Whirlpool, Fagor.

– 9 years : Hoover, Indesit.

Washers (10 years on average):

– 16 years : Miele.

– 13 years : AEG.

– 12 years : Siemens, Zanussi, New Pol.

– 11 years : Balay, DE Dietrich, Bauknecht, Bosch, Brant, Edesa, Smeg, Electrolux, Fagor.

– 10 years : Hoover, Ignis, Candy, Aspes, Indesit, Whirlpool.

– 9 years old : Teka, Daewoo, Bluesky (Carrefour).

– 8 years : Carrefour Home, Hotpoint, LG.

– 7 years : Samsung, Beko.

– 6 years : Haier.

Microwave (9 years on average):

– 13 years : Miele.

– 12 years : Philips.

– 11 years : Moulinex, Siemens, Panasonic.

– 10 years : Sharp, Bosch, Whirpool, Bauknecht, Zanussi, Sanyo, Electrolux.

– 9 years old : Smeg, AEG, Teka, Balay, Samsung, Fagor, Taurus, Hotpoint-Ariston, Delonghi.

– 8 years : OK, Ecron, Daewoo, LG, Candy.

– 7 years : Proline, Selectline, Beko, Bluesky, Silvercrest.

– 6 years : Saivod, Carrefour Home, Becken, Orbegozo, Auchan, Ansonic.

– 5 years : Kunft.

Vacuum cleaners (8 years on average):

– 13 years : Vorwerk, Nilfisk, Panasonic, Filter Queen.

– 12 years old : Rainbow.

– 11 years : Miele, Tornado.

– 10 years : Kirby, Siemens.

– 9 years old : Daewoo, Electrolux, Moulinex, Philips.

– 8 years : Hoover, AEG, Rowenta.

Р7 years old : Bosch, Kärcher, Dyson, Solac, Taurus, Ufesa, Fagor, black & Decker, Zanussi, Polti.

– 6 years : LG, Delonghi, Samsung, Bluesky.

– 5 years : Becken, Ariete, Silvercrest, Tristar, Beko, iRobot, Carrefour Home, Dirt Devil.

Irons (6 years on average):

– 9 years : Laurastar.

– 8 years : Moulinex, Electrolux, Calor, Polti.

– 7 years old : Miele, Solac, Philips, Braun, AEG, Rowenta, Ufesa, Delonghi, Siemens, Hoover, Tefal.

– 6 years : Fafor, Ariete, Bosch, Jata, Taurus, Severin.

– 5 years : Singer, Bluesky, Domo, Becken, Clatronic.

– 4 years : Flama, Carrefour Home, Silvercrest, Kunft.


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